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Argument for Traditional Family Revisited

Getting Involved with Pro-Life

Are you someone who has watched the pro-life movement from afar, reading about developments in the battle to restore a culture of life, but never yet dipped your toe in the water to take any direct action yourself?

Or maybe you’ve supported the pro-life movement through your financial donations, and now feel called to donate your talents and physical presence in some capacity?

Or perhaps you’ve been a hardcore pro-life activist for years and now you wish to do even more to help protect children from being killed by abortion?

Whatever the reason your heartstrings are being pulled to get more involved, you’re in luck because as our precious Lord said: “The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few”. The list below provides several ideas for new or veteran pro-lifers to get involved in supporting our work and mission.  If you have any ideas that are not indicated on this page, email

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Many thousands March for Life in Ottawa, 2016.  Estimated 22,000.  Mainstream media will not accurately cover as it does not fit their narrative. That includes most dailies in Canada.

Sign a petition to protect unborn children from abortion.