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Pursuit: Filane's Showdown returns this weekend

Tournament supports the Fallen Rock Minor Hockey Association

SCHREIBER – The 2022 Annual Filane's Showdown is back at the Schreiber Arena this weekend.

The Filane’s Showdown Adult Hockey Tournament happens every year in Schreiber around the second weekend of December and it's open to all men over the age of 18 and women over the age of 16.

Tournament organizer Mario Filane said that team turnout every year yields a variety of teams from competitive to professional. This year, the tournament will feature six men's teams and three women’s teams.

“Each year is a little bit different, just depending on timing and obviously what everybody has going on as it gets closer to Christmas,” he said.

“There's cash prizes for the Champions on both the men's and women's side, as well as great prizes which, Molson Coors is a big sponsor of ours as well as Hollywood Filane sportswear, we do a lot of work with them to make sure everybody who comes here most of the time is leaving with something."

Filane said they see teams from all along the North Shore.

“We've noticed a lot of people obviously are friends along the North Shore, it's a good way for everybody to have a good reason to get together,” he said. “Even if, you know some guys have moved to Geraldton, and moved to Nipigon, it's a good chance for them to come back and reunite.”

Filane said there's been a lot of buzz around the tournament in the weeks leading up to it.

“I know when we go to other local North Shore communities for other tournaments, you know, for example, the Marathon Tri-Sport, the Nipigon Labor Day Softball Tournament,” he said.

“I'm always a big advocate of trying to support those events as well because I know we get so much great support from those communities.”

The tournament’s goal is to support local minor hockey. All proceeds from the tournament, as well as the beer garden and the dance, will go to the Fallen Rock Minor Hockey Association. The minor hockey association does not charge registration fees to any of its minor hockey players.

“It's all going back into the community and into the kids playing hockey here in here in Schreiber and along the North Shore because we have kids from Geraldton, Longlac, and Nipigon that sometimes, as they get older, there's not enough players for teams in their respective towns,” he said.

“Even a lot in the recent years we've been, not amalgamating, but getting kids together that don't have a place to play hockey and making sure they still get the opportunity.”

For more information, visit the tournament''s Facebook page.